Lets take pledge to continue our fight, says BJP leader Gopichand Padalkarr 

MUMBAI:On the occasion of Birth Anniversary Of Bhimrao Ambedkar, BJP Leader Gopichand Padalkar released one video in which he raises the issue of of how backward cast people are still suffering in this country and in state of Maharashtra. Established Upper cast people are still exploring the Lowe caste poor people in state like Maharashtra where Ambedkar was born. Dr.Ambedkar carefully drafted the constitution so that poor people , backward people will not get exploited by established people. But today also backward class people, OBCs are suffering for their ‘Rights’ as they have been purposely kept away from from main stream and from their ‘Rights’ by few.

“Those established people who are in power in the state are not allowing us to get our ‘Rights’ also they are purposely keeping us away from our ‘Rights’. Whenever we have agitated for our ‘Rights’ they have used force against us and false cases have been registered against us. Many times many people had face physical attacks just because they raised their voice for their ‘Rights’.” Said Padalkar in the video.

Further he also stated in the video that there is significant rise in the cases of atrocities against backward class. It is nothing to kill our voice which people are raising against Established who are in power. Padalkar also urged and requested his people from his community (Dhangar) an from backward class that they should stay united and fight for their rights as that what Babasaheb has taught us. “We will have to keep our fight against the established ones till the time we don’t get what we want.” Said Padalkar

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