Liquor Prohibition Law Implemented In Bihar As A 'Short-Sighted' Decision: CJI

Liquor Prohibition Law Implemented In Bihar As A Short-Sighted Decision: CJI

New Delhi : The Chief Justice of India N V Ramana stated that liquor prohibition law implemented in Bihar as a 'short-sighted' decision and said that due to this, the case has piled up in the courts. The opposition has become an attacker after the country's Chief Justice NV Ramana made a statement on the prohibition law. After this remark of the CJI, opposition parties in Bihar, especially RJD, have started capitalizing on it.

RJD targeting Nitish Kumar said that the CJI has shown a mirror to him.

Chief Justice of India made these remarks in a seminar on Indian Judiciary and future challenges organized at Siddharth Law College in Vijayawada. After this decision of the Nitish government by the CJI, the case has piled up in the courts of Bihar. He said that behind the plethora of cases in the courts of the country, decisions like Bihar's prohibition law are responsible. There is a lack of foresight in drafting such a law. Due to the implementation of Bihar Prohibition Act-2016, Patna High Court is full of applications for bail. Because of this, the disposal of a normal bail application is taking a year.

Why the liquor prohibition law is 'short-sighted' in Bihar?

The Chief Justice said that before passing laws, governments should evaluate their impact and do a basic check of constitutionality. If there is a lack of foresight in making laws, then its result will be directly on the functioning of the courts. Therefore, before making a law, it should be discussed and debated. Laws enforced without sound consideration add to the rush of litigation.

Why is the opposition attacking?

At the same time, RJD leaders allege, 'The Chief Justice of the country has also shown the mirror to Nitish Kumar. Nitish Kumar is making Bihar's fleet because of his stubbornness. From the district courts to the High Court, due to this decision, cases have been piled up. A parallel economy has been created in Bihar under the guise of prohibition law. The poor are being put in jail and the home delivery of liquor is being done in the houses of the rich and the mafia is openly selling liquor.

Bihar's condition is so worse that in one last month more than 11 thousand people have been arrested for possessing or drinking liquor. That is why at present several thousand people are lodged in all the jails of Bihar for violating this law. Patna's Beur Jail is an example. At Beur Jail only about half of the five and a half thousand prisoners imprisoned are accused of violating this law. During the last eight-nine months, the Bihar government has arrested and imprisoned about 50 thousand people for drinking or selling liquor.

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