Important Notice


Dear viewer, as India battles the Coronavirus Pandemic, we at HW News Network have decided to do our bit as a responsible citizen.

While the Governments and Healthcare staff are working day in and day out to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, it is our duty to support them and follow the guidelines issued.

Thus, as per the request of the Government, HW News Network has decided to follow the “Work From Home” Policy as a precautionary measure in times of pandemic. We will continue to update you through articles on all the important events happening across the country.

However, due to some technical challenges of working from home, the volume of news on our video platforms may be slightly reduced. Shows like Editorial with Sujit Nair, The Vinod Dua Show and Suniye Sarkar will be available daily in their usual time.

However, this will have no bearing on our articles. We will keep you updated on the matter through our website. We at HW News Network want to appeal all our viewers that they should also step up to fight the Coronavirus and avoid leaving the house unless it is important.

We urge you to take care of yourselves and those close to you. Stay safe and stay healthy because prevention is always better than cure.


HW News Team.

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