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Legal fraternity divides on Supreme Court judges’ allegations

The entire country was left in shock when four Supreme Court judges alleged administrative misconduct in the judiciary.

The press conference by four Supreme Court judges alleging administrative mismanagement in the judiciary, left the country shocked. For the first time in India’s history, the sitting judges of the Supreme Court came in front of the media and accused the Chief Justice of India of not paying attention to the matter that concerns the democracy. Justice Chelameshwar, who hosted the press conference said, “The credibility of the judiciary is being questioned today. The democracy is in danger.” He also said that they took their concerns to CJI but his lack of interest in resolving the matter left them with option none other than coming to the media.

While the allegations made by the four judges are grave and of serious nature. The public opinion seems to be divided in two: 1. Those who support Justice Chelameshwar and other three judges 2. Those who support justice Dipak Misra.

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Here’s how their professional colleagues responded to the controversy:

Shrihari Aney, former Attorney General called for an understanding of the situation. He said, “These are very senior judges & come only after CJI. They wouldn’t have taken the step without thinking.” Aney also asserted that it is necessary to understand what led to their actions.

On the other hand, Justice(Retd) AK Ganguly feared a loss of trust on the judiciary. “Consequence would be it would create apprehensions in minds of people,” said concerned Ganguly.

Hansraj Bhardwaj, former Union Law Minister feels the incident is a blow to one of the pillars of democracy. “It’s the loss of prestige of the entire institution,” Bharadwaj remarked.

Mukul Mudgal, retired SC judge believe there must be a reason for their action but he thinks judge Loya’s death should have no connection with it.

Indira Jaising, Supreme Court advocate welcomed the decision saying, “The people of India, have a right to know what is going on within the judiciary.”

However, Justice R.S. Sodhi (Retd) blasted all the four judges calling their behaviour childish and immature. In a sharp criticism, he said, “I think all 4 judges should be impeached, they have no business to sit there and deliver verdicts anymore.” He said the huddling up of four judges is trade unionism which is wrong.

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So, while the legal fraternity seems to be divided on how they view the incident, one thing is sure that today’s step taken by the four judges portray the apex institution in the country in poor light. Whether their press conference was a necessity of the moment or a misplaced judgement of the situation will only be known after Chief Justice of India Dipak Mishra’s address to the public.

HW Exclusive: Why did Supreme Court Judges reach out to PRESS?

HW Exclusive: Why did Supreme Court Judges reach out to PRESS? #JudgesAtWar #SupremeCourt #HWnewsnetwork

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