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“Has Narcotics Control Bureau Become NaMo Controlled Bureau?”: Sachin Sawant

Highlighting that the “blue-eyed boy” of Narendra Modi, Rakesh Asthana is the Director-General of the NCB, Sawant raised several questions over the ongoing investigation. 

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) arrested a few people after the Bollywood-drug connection was exposed. At a time when some of the celebrities from Bollywood are being questioned, why has the NCB not indulged in investigating the “BJP-bollywood-sandalwood-Goa” drug angle, has the Narcotics Control Bureau become “Namo Controlled Bureau”, asked Sachin Sawant, the General Secretary and spokesperson of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee.

Highlighting that the “blue-eyed boy” of Narendra Modi, Rakesh Asthana is the Director-General of the NCB, Sawant raised several questions over the ongoing investigation, assuring that he will not let the NCB ignore the BJP’s Bollywood drug connection, sandalwood and Goa matter.

“For the sake of just 59 grams of marijuana, the agency has publicised this case so much. At the same time, Chandrakant Chauhan, a BJP worker in Karnataka was arrested with 1200 Kgs of marijuana, no one batted an eye on that matter. Actress Ragini Dwivedi was arrested in Sandalwood drug racket from karnataka. Ragini Dwivedi was star campaigner for the BJP Karnataka. 12 people have been named in this case. Aditya Alva is one of the people arrested. Alva is brother of Vivek Oberoi’s wife. Vivek Oberoi was co-producer of Modi biopic along with Sandeep Singh. He had also played the character of Narendra Modi in this movie. Vivek is also a partner in Sandeep Singh’s film prpducing company,” Sawant explained.

Sawant revealed that the Gujarat state government signed a memorandum of understanding with Sandeep and Vivek’s company worth Rs.177 crore. “The poster of this biopic was released in the special presence of the then Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Why had this Sandeep Singh had called BJP office 53 times and who bailed him out in Mauritius? This has not been revealed yet. This is all linked to each other. Maharashtra government has given information regarding this to the CBI. But it is surprising that why this angle has not been investigated till date?” Sawant questioned.

“While the NCB is trying to get to the roots of this drug connection, the goa angle and the question about the partners of Gaurav Arya have disappeared from the investigation. The NCB should answer on this.”

Sawant also raised the issue of actress Kangana Ranaut, asking why is the NCB being so “kind” to Kangana.

“Kangana Ranaut is altogether missing from the NCB’s investigation in this drug connection. Earlier, she has herself accepted that she used to consume drugs. Despite the fact that there is a video evidence of Kangana accepeting that she did drugs, why has she not been questioned till date?” Sawant asked.

“While this investigation was going on, Kanagan came to Mumbai, lived here for few days and left for Shimla. Why did NCB not summoned Kangana for questioning? Is the NCB being kind to Kanagana? Or is Kanaga not a part of Bollywood? If NCB is summoning people based on whatsapp chats, then why are they ignoring Kangana’s video?” Sawant questioned.

Sawant stressed that if the prime narcotics agency was running an investigation just to save particular people, then they will not let that happen. “That’s why we are asking these questions. When there are so many angles in this drug connection case, why is NCB ignoring that?” Sawant raised the question.




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