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“People wearing saffron are raping women”: Digvijaya Singh

Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh said People admiring Bhagwa Colour attire were raping women.

New Delhi– Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh on Tuesday stoked a controversy saying that people wearing saffron robs sell “churan” and commit rapes inside temples. “Today, people wearing saffron robes commit rapes inside temples. Today, people wearing saffron robes commit rape, is this our religion?” said Singh.

He further said that “people committing such crimes will not be even forgiven by God”.

Meanwhile, the BJP had hit out at Congress on Monday, turning the event as a fraud. “It is a fraud program. The kind of saints who are participating in the event makes it clear that it is a fake event with fake saints. It is just like the events organized by Digvijaya Singh under the leadership of computer Baba BJP’s state unit,” spokesperson Rahul Kothari said.

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The convention was organized by computer Baba- head of Nad Vyas and Seer who had organized religious conventions in favour of Singh when the Lok Sabha election campaign was underway.

Kothari said, “The identity cards of all the saints participating in the “sant samagam” should be checked to know if they are genuine or not.” While stating that this would have to be fought against unitedly, the senior politician urged religious heads to ensures that they do not let anyone exploit them politically. He asked the Kamal Nath led Congress government to carry out a survey of mutts and temples in the state and hand over land documents to the authorities of these religious places.

During the previous Congress-led UPA rule at the centre, Singh had drawn sizable criticism for coining the term ‘Hindu Terrorism’ referring to radical Hindu outfits that were allegedly involved in terror activities in the country.




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