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Vishwa Hindu Parishad Warns Netflix Over Content Hurting Religious Sentiments

VHP has warned streaming platform Netflix in its letter, demanding the OTT platform to take down the content that hurts their religious sentiments and not to release any such content further.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad, an Indian right-wing Hindu organization based on the ideology of Hindu nationalism, has warned streaming platform Netflix in its letter, demanding the OTT platform to take down the content that hurts their religious sentiments and not to release any such content further.

“We deeply regret to inform you that your OTT platform Netflix is spreading misinformation about Hindu way of worship, rituals and even have shown our glorious saints in bad light, many a time our Deities/God are ridiculed deliberately and intentionally or due to lack of understanding of the eternal vedantic way of life called Hindu Dharma. Some of the contents in the films were very dirty and as good as porn and they openly targeted Hindu Dharma with lies and propaganda,” the letter undersigned by the VHP President Devkinandan Jindal and Secretary Ramchandra Ramuka.

The letter further read, “Attempts are being made to create humor through outrageous methods and depictions involving our Gods as well as other historic personalities, thereby purposely undermining and diminishing their image and importance in society. Our Gods are in this manner, being made an object of ridicule. In the name of creative freedom selectively only Hindu Religion is targeted.”

The organization gave out a list of series or movies on Netflix that they have found to be inappropriate. Here’s the list:

O T T Platform Name Producer Name Director







Leila Priya Sreedharan Pawan Kumar
  Wasim Khan Zulfaquar Shankar Raman
Ghoul Anurag Kashyap Patrick Graham
Chippa Celine Loop Safdar Rahman
  Sushilkumar Agarwal  
  Rajat Agarwal  
  A V T Shankardass  
Sacred Games Anurag Kashyap & Team Anurag Kashyap


      Vikramaditya Motwane
    Neeraj Ghaywan

Krishna &His Leela


Rana Daggubati Sanjay Reddy


Ravikanth Perpu

The right-wing outfit stressed that article 25 of the Constitution of India guarantees freedom of conscience and the right to the profession, practice, and propagation of one’s religion, subject to public order, morality and health, as well as subject to other provisions of the Constitution in this regard.

The letter further urged Netflix “not to telecast, broadcast or release any serial, movie or short film or other entertainment programs depicting our Hindu Gods, our traditions, customs and Indian culture as a whole, in any derogatory manner”.

Warning of legal consequences if the streaming platform doesn’t make the amends, VHP said, “Please note that we will be constrained to take strict and all possible legal actions as may be advised against such blatant violations of law/Hindu Customs, Traditions, and Sentiments. In case such programs are aired and repeated even once after the receipt of this communication. We will also be forced to take on the streets for peaceful agitations demanding a ban on your platform in addition to the legal actions.”

VHP concluded saying, “Hope this communication is enough for you to understand the pain, agony and ANGER The followers of HINDU DHARMA are undergoing because of your irresponsible web series and we look forward to be ensured such pathetic movies depicting our Gods are stopped with immediate effect and we shouldn’t be forced to go for Large scale peaceful demonstrations in addition to strict legal actions.. You are requested to respond to this appeal positively and in the spirit of cooperation.”



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