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Agnipath Row: Asaduddin Owaisi Takes Shots At The Central Government


Owaisi remarks on the military recruitment policy in the backdrop of the recent ‘bulldozer’ demolitions.

New Delhi: Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi yesterday, at a public gathering, offered his peace of mind on the freshly launched military recruitment policy and bulldozer politics.

Owaisi, who criticized the government’s inefficiency in managing its policies and members, commented, “They (youngsters) are on the streets due to (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi’s wrong decision. How many bulldozers will raze (protesters’) homes? We don’t want you to demolish anyone’s home.”

MP Owaisi quoting a Varanasi police officer who said the protestors are like children and need to be counseled, commented, “I want to ask him, aren’t Muslims, your children? We are also this country’s children. You talk to us, you should have spoken to us last Friday,”.

He went on to refer to the demolition of the residence of Mohammed Javed, one of the accused in the Pragyaraj protests, whose house was demolished for a public protest that questioned the government’s position on the remarks made against Prophet Muhammad.

“Afrin Fatima’s home was demolished. Why? Because her father took part in a demonstration. The principle of natural justice is part of the Constitution’s basic framework. The court can punish him, not his wife and daughter. Is this your justice,” he added.

Dragging the BJP on its decision against Nupur Sharma’s current suspension added that the journalist will be offered the status to be a “big leader.”

“This is the reality of our nation. The more you abuse Muslims, the higher post you will find,” he added.

He added on the issue, “Nupur Sharma should be arrested, and action should be taken against her according to the law of India. We wanted action as per the Constitution. I know that Nupur Sharma will be a big leader in six to seven months. It is also possible that Nupur Sharma will be made the Delhi CM candidate.”

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