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BJP wants to create difference between Hindus and Muslims through opposing Tipu Sultan Jyanti, alleges Congress

Tipu Sultan

Bengaluru | The Congress party on Thursday alleged that Bhartiya Janata Party wants to create a difference between Hindu’s and Muslims through opposing the celebration of Tipu Sultan Jyanti in Karnataka.

Speaking to media Congress leader and Karnataka Minister D Shivkumar said, “Tipu Sultan has a long history and there is nothing wrong in conducting Tipu Jayanti. BJP has its political agenda. They want to create some differences between Hindus and minorities.”

Earlier Former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa opposing the celebration of Tipu Sultan Jayanti claimed that the government is celebrating this anniversary just to statisy the Muslim community. He said,” We are opposing Tipu Jayanti celebration. Nobody will appreciate this celebration. In the interest of the state they (state govt) must stop it.”

Responding to the controversy Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on Wednesday said that its up to the BJP whether they want to be a part of the celebration or not. Addressing a press conference he said,” “I never said do or don’t celebrate Tipu Jayanti. All I had said was there are many communities in the country; people want to celebrate Jayanti of their leaders. If they (BJP) don’t like to be part of the celebrations, there is no need to participate.”

Tipu Sultan, the former ruler of Mysore has been a center of a conflict between the Congress and BJP since 2012. The BJP has opposed the celebration of the 18-century ruler claiming him to be anti-Kannada and Anti Hindu. In 2017, the Siddharamaiah led Karnataka government has celebrated the birth anniversary of ‘Tipu Sultan’.

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