Do people who say ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, have the right to live in this country?: Pratap Sarangi

Pratap Sarangi

New Delhi | The Congress made us realise the importance of strong leadership as policy paralysis was a “new norm” during the ten-year rule of the party with the “accidental prime minister” at the helm, Union minister Pratap Sarangi said Monday.

Initiating the debate on Motion of Thanks on the President’s address, Sarangi said he is grateful to Narendra Modi for making a man like him, who hails from a humble background, a minister.

Taking on the Congress, Pratap Sarangi said ten years of the Congress-led UPA government was that of “misrule” and “full of corruption”.

“Policy paralysis was a new norm during those ten years.

And it was Congress which made us realise the importance of strong leadership,” he said.

Without naming former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he said even the Congress prime minister was an “accidental Prime Minister.”

“People who say ‘Bharat ke tukde tukde karne tak jung rahegi’, & ‘Pakistan zindabad, Afzal Guru zindabad’, do they have the right to live in this country?”, he demanded.

Emphasising that both Modi and his government are committed to the welfare of the poor and downtrodden, Sarangi said by 2022 every poor person will have a “pucca” house with toilet.

(With PTI inputs)

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