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In India many people don’t tell pollsters the truth: Shashi Tharoor on exil polls prediction

Shashi Tharoor

Thiruvananthapuram | Congress MP Shashi Tharoor disagreed with the exit poll predictions and said we will have to wait till May 23 for the main results.

He wrote on Twitter, “I believe the exit polls are all wrong. In Australia last weekend, 56 different exit polls proved wrong. In India, many people don’t tell pollsters the truth fearing they might be from the government. Will wait till 23rd for the real results”.

In another tweet, Tharoor wrote, “Actually they CAN all be wrong, as Australia (a much smaller and less diverse country than India) showed us last weekend. But you’re right that we are all better off waiting for the 23rd than wasting our time in empty debate about these imaginary numbers.”

Other opposition leaders have also slammed the predictions.

NC leader and former CM of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah wrote, “Every single exit poll can’t be wrong! Time to switch off the TV, log out of social media & wait to see if the world is still spinning on its axis on the 23rd”.

Exit polls were released on Sunday which showed the NDA government getting victorious again with a majority of 300+ seats out of 543 total members in the Lok Sabha Elections.

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