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“My son is supporter of PM Modi and Amit Shah” says Shaheen Bagh shooter’s father

Gaje Singh indicated that his son also shares a right-wing, nationalistic opinion, he said, “My son always speaks of Hindustan and Hindutva”

New Delhi: A few days back Kapil Gujjar the man caught firing the air at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh last week – his father Gaje Singh triggered controversy on Wednesday claiming his son was a “supporter” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Gaje Singh had claimed that he or his son had “nothing to do with politics”.

The police said the 25-year-old, who shouted “Jai Shri Ram” as he fired shots near the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protest venue at Shaheen Bagh, had revealed to being a member of AAP.

Police also released pictures, which they said were from the shooter’s phone and established him as an AAP member. The photos showed him wearing the AAP trademark cap, standing with party leaders like Sanjay Singh and Atishi.

Kapil Gujjar’s father and brother had denied any connection with Delhi’s ruling party.

“Neither I nor my family has anything to do with AAP. They came to the campaign during the Lok Sabha election 2019 and made us all wear AAP caps and that is what the photo is,” Kapil’s father Gaje Singh had said.

But later on, he had other things to say.

“My son is a supporter of PM Modi.  He was a follower of Modi and Amit Shah,” he said. Insisting that his son had nothing to do with politics, he said Kapil Gujjar was “troubled about the roads being obstructed at Shaheen Bagh and because a job would take him four hours instead of one”.

Gaje Singh indicated that his son also shares a right-wing, nationalistic opinion, he said, “My son always speaks of Hindustan and Hindutva”.

The police revelation three days ahead of the Delhi assembly polls has set off a bitter war of words between the AAP and the BJP.

While AAP’s Sanjay Singh accused the police of taking orders from Amit Shah, the BJP said the evidence from the probe was a vindication of their claim that AAP and its chief were engineering the protests.

Kejriwal on Wednesday accused Amit Shah of using the police for a “petty conspiracy”, attacked the BJP again after the shooter’s father’s fresh statements.

“The BJP is playing dirty politics with Delhi’s law and order and the country’s security. They are slapping false allegations against AAP two days ahead of the election is dirty politics. Now the truth is revealed,” said Kejriwal in a tweet.

The Delhi police and the BJP are yet to speak on the matter.

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