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Main yahan khada bhi hun aur jo chaar saal kaam kare hain uspe adha bhi hun: No-confidence motion Live Updates

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Fifteen years after it happened the last time, the ruling BJP will face a vote of no-confidence in Parliament today. In a marathon debate in Lok Sabha, the government, its allies and the opposition parties will put forward their view of the performance of the Modi government in the last four years.

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NDA has the confidence of the Lok Sabha and the 125 crore people of India. I thank all the parties that have supported us in the vote today. Our efforts to transform India and fulfil the dreams of our youth continue. Jai Hind!, tweets PM Narendra Modi

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325 MPs voted ‘No’ 126 voted ‘Ayes’, No Confidence Motion against NDA Govt rejected

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BJP MPs KC Patel and Bhola Singh who are unwell, come to the Lok Sabha for voting

11:07 IST

MP Pappu Yadav walks out from Lok Sabha before voting on

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Voting for no-confidence motion begins.

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India is seeing the record pace at which roads are being built, villages are being connected, i-ways are being built, railways development is happening: PM Modi

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Any incident of violence brings shame to the nation. I will once again urge the state governments to punish those who indulge in violence: PM Modi

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I want to tell you about the NPA problem. Much before Internet Banking, Congress Party invented Phone Banking and this caused the NPA mess. A phone call would get loans for their cronies and the nation suffered: PM Modi

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When TDP was leaving NDA, I called up Chandrababu Naidu, warned him that you are falling into YSR Congress’s trap: PM Modi in Lok Sabha

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I want to tell the people of Andhra Pradesh that we will keep working for them. We will do everything possible for the development of AP: PM Modi

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Just because of your internal politics with the YSRCP you are doing this, I had told the AP CM: PM

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NDA Government is committed towards the development of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: PM Modi

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Atal Ji created 3 states- Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. It was done peacefully. These states are prospering. The Congress divided Andhra Pradesh and their conduct then was shameful: PM Modi

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Aapki aankhon mein aankhein daal ke hum nahi bol sakte, aap naamdar hain aur ham kaamdar hain: PM Modi in Lok Sabha

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You called the surgical strike a Jumla Strike. You can abuse me as much as you want but stop insulting the Jawans of India. I will not tolerate this insult to our forces: PM Modi in Lok Sabha

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One of the leaders spoke about Doklam. The same leader, who believed the Chinese Ambassador over our forces. Where have we reached? Everything does not merit a childish conduct: PM Modi

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We have the honour of working towards electrification of 18,000 villages that were in the dark for 70 years.Most of these villages were situated in Eastern India and the Northeast: PM Modi in Lok Sabha

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Uproar by TDP in Lok Sabha during PM Narendra Modi’s speech

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House adjourned till 1:45


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LIVE: Congress President Rahul Gandhi speaking during No Confidence Motion debate in Lok Sabha

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Shiv Sena MPs skip debate on no-confidence motion

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TDP MP Jayadev Galla said, “Non implementation of an active Parliament is an issue. It is wrong to say that the issues of Andhra Pradesh are not a national issue. It is not a war between BJP and TDP; it is a war between majority and morality, between Modi regime and Andhra Pradesh. It is a dharmayudh.”

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Naveen Patnaik’s Biju Janata Dal (BJD) stages walkout from Lok Sabha.

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Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha session begins

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Naveen Patnaik’s Biju Janata Dal (BJD) to walkout from today’s debate. The decison and directive have been given, they are expected to walk out as soon as possible.

10:51 IST

BJP ally Shiv Sena is currently holding a meeting with their leader Uddhav Thackeray wherein they will decide which way they will vote in the motion of no-confidence that will be taken up today.  Amit Desai, Arvind Sawant, Anant Geete and other MPs are present in Parliament House.

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Amit Shah, Ananth Kumar and other BJP leaders were seen flashing victory signs while entering parliament a short while ago.

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There will be an earthquake if Rahul Gandhi speaks: Ananth Kumar

For the Congress party, its president Rahul Gandhi and party whip leader Jyotiraditya Scindia will lead the charge in Lok Sabha. The BJP, though, has taken on Rahul Gandhi reminding him of his earlier remarks that there would be an earthquake if he spoke in the House. “Yes, there will be an earthquake, but in the Congress party and in the Opposition alliance that they are trying to stitch together,” Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar said, speaking to reporters before entering the House.

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PM Narendra Modi will meet Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Sushma Swaraj and Nitin Gadkari at 10:30 am to iron out the last minute details before the no-confidence debate begins.

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Time allotted for no-confidence motion debate today: BJP gets 3 hours 33 minutes, Congress gets 38 minutes, AIADMK gets 29 minutes, Trinamool Congress gets -27 minutes, BJD gets 15 minutes, Shiv Sena gets 14 minutes, TDP gets 13 minutes, TRS gets nine minutes, CPIM gets seven minutes, Samajwadi Party and NCP get six minutes, while the LJSP will get five minutes

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The Congress, which does not have the numbers to upstage the BJP, has said that the no-trust vote is “much more than a show of numbers.” They said they will “use the occasion to expose the government over its many failures.”

8:51 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who faces a trust vote in Lok Sabha today, took to Twitter this morning asking fellow Parliamentarians to ensure that today’s no-confidence motion debate is constructive.


Government is making efforts to neutralize Naxal supporters: Raman Singh




Raman Singh

Raipur | Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh Monday said his government is making efforts through development projects to “soon neutralise” the ideological and financial support Maoists receive from sympathisers from Raipur to Delhi.

In an interview to PTI, the longest-serving BJP chief minister outlined several development-related activities, including those being undertaken in the state’s Maoist-affected Bastar region.

Mr. Singh also exuded the confidence of a  consecutive fourth victory for the BJP in the upcoming Assembly polls in the state. Polls for the 90-member Chhattisgarh Assembly are due this year-end.

The chief minister said his government has been working on a plan to completely eliminate maoism from the state since 2003 and that the strategy is showing results. “We have brought development in most (of the naxal-affected) areas and more than that we have been able to win the people’s trust. Naxals are getting discouraged and Naxals activities are going down,” he said.

Referring to Maoists sympathisers, Mr Singh said maoists have got a very strong support system from Raipur to Delhi. “I feel the kind of support that is given Naxals and their ideology is very strong. They make big lawyers who take up their cases. So, they are economically strong too.

“There are people of their (naxals) ideology who support them, from high courts to the Supreme Court (referring to some providing legal aid to them),” the chief minister said. He, however, expressed confidence that these sympathisers will soon be “neutralised”.

“Like the naxals are getting weaker, they (sympathisers) will also become weak. This fight (to check naxalites and their supporters) is of Chhattisgarh and other states.

“We are getting successful (in checking Naxal activities) and this support system will soon be neutralised,” Mr. Singh said.

He also lamented that some human rights supporters are opposing action against Maoists.

“They make noise of human rights violation. They had come to me also. I asked them whether the human rights are of Naxalites alone or of the common people also. They (naxals) abduct their children, girls and destroy schools.

“They are the biggest violators of human rights as they keep the whole area (of their influence) captive. Why you (sympathisers and human rights defenders) don’t speak then? You only think of them (naxals) only?” Mr. Singh said.

His assertion assumes significance as some human rights defenders were arrested last month from different parts of the country, including one Chhattisgarh-based activist, by state police forces. The Supreme Court is hearing a case on a plea made by a historian challenging the arrests.

Talking about the upcoming Assembly polls in the state, Mr. Singh said the BJP is confident of its victory and all set to form the government after the elections.

“The experience of the last three elections tells us that we will be in a better position in this poll. BJP chief (Amit Shah) has decided a target of 65 plus seats in the state.

“We all are set to achieve that. Our workers up to the booth level are doing their jobs. We are sure that we will get a big victory this time,” the chief minister said.

Mr. Singh, who has been the chief minister of the state since December 2003, rejected suggestions that there was anti-incumbency against his administration.

“Sensing, somewhat, a little mood of anti-incumbency in some areas, we started a mass contact programme. We visited different parts of the state and heard the people’s grievances, if any, and provided on the spot solution to them.

“So, whatever little concern or problem they had from the administration, we have already provided solutions to them. Hence, no such (anti-incumbency) feeling exist,” he said.

The chief minister said the BJP is approaching the people with a promise and vision to make a ‘New Chhattisgarh’ by 2025.

“When Chhattisgarh turns 25 (in 2025), our GDP will be doubled, farmers’ income will be doubled. We will ensure 100 percent literacy in the state.

“We are creating an educational hub in the worst Naxal-affected Bastar region to Sarguja, and providing all possible support to the farmers of the state,” Mr. Singh said, outlining plans to approach voters ahead of the Assembly polls.

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BJP’s difference with Rahul Gandhi is ‘political’ not personal, says Rajnath Singh

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Rajnath Singh

Lucknow | Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) leader and Union Minister for Home Affairs Rajanth Singh said that his party’s difference with Congress President Rahul Gandhi is ‘political’ and not ‘personal’.

Addressing students at the Jaipuria Institute of Management in Lucknow, Singh said that BJP believes Bharatiya Janata Party in differing on political and ideological issues and never taking things to personal level.  The Union Home Minister answered to questions of the management student on various national and international topics.

When asked about India’s growing relationship with the United States,Singh said,”  New Delhi’s foreign policy was guided by the traditional credo of “Na kahu se dosti, na kahu se bair.” He added further added that “India wants a good relationship with all countries.”

Rajnath Singh also spoke about Rahul Gandhi’s constant visit to the Hindu temples. He said, “The Congress President is keeping in mind the 2019 parliamentary polls.” When asked about Narendra Modi government’s stand on Section 370 which grants special status to the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir, Singh said, “If I utter a word on this, it will become international news. You should wait, some decisions have to be taken with great seriousness and deliberations.” The Union Minister further added that Jammu and Kashmir was an integral part of India and will always remain one. “Nobody can take away the state from us.”

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Opposition doesn’t have agenda for development, Congress is suffering from ‘Modi phobia’: Amit Shah




Amit Shah

Puri | BJP President Amit Shah criticised the opposition parties, including the Congress, on Monday saying they suffered from “Modi phobia” and did not have any agenda for the country’s development.

All partners of the BJP in the NDA, on the other hand, are united and serious about transforming India as the number one country in the world, Mr. Shah said.

Hitting out at the Naveen Patnaik’s BJD government in Odisha, he said it is responsible for backwardness and poverty in the mineral-rich state. Its ouster from power is certainly in the 2019 election, he told a women’s meeting in Puri.

“I want to tell the people that the Congress and all opposition parties are working together for breaking India while (prime minister Narendra) Modi-Ji is busy in making India,” he said.

The prime minister is seeking to eradicate poverty, but the opposition wants “Modi Hatao (defeat)”, the BJP president said. PM Modi wants to eliminate unemployment, while opposition calls for his removal.

“We (BJP) say put an end to insecurity among people, but they (opposition) want removal of Modi. The opposition has no specific agenda, no Neta (leader) and no Neeti (policy). Their only programme is the removal of Modi as they are suffering from Modi phobia,” the BJP President said.

Hitting out at the BJD government in Odisha, which has been in power in the state since 2000, he said, “The Naveen Patnaik government has lost all rights to continue in power in Odisha even for a second as the state remains backward despite abundant mineral resources.”

Slamming the Naveen Patnaik government for rejecting the centre’s flagship health insurance scheme Ayushman Bharat, Mr. Shah said if the BJP comes to power in the state it would immediately join the programme for the benefit of lakhs of poor people.

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