Nowadays people fear the word ‘cow’ and ‘Om’: PM Modi


Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) | Prime Minister Narendra Modi who arrived in Mathura to inaugurate several programmes said that people are now afraid of the words ‘cow’ and ‘Om’.

“It is unfortunate that in India there are some people who are gripped with fear when they hear the words ‘om’ or ‘cow’. They think our nation has relegated to the 16th Century. These ideas are used by those who want to destroy our country).”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Mathura to launch the National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP) on Wednesday.

The PM earlier launched National Animal Disease Control programme in Mathura for eradicating Foot and Mouth disease and Brucellosis in livestock.

The prime minister made these remarks while inaugurating the Swachhta Hi Seva programme where he asked people to shun single-use plastic. He said that rampant use of plastic posed a hazard to the environment leading to the death of livestock and fish.

“A century ago, Swami Vivekananda gave his historic speech at Chicago about world peace on 11th September. Unfortunately, the same day also witnessed 9/11 terrorist attack in US that shook the world. Today terrorism has become an ideology, which is not bound by national boundaries. This is a global problem. This has become a global threat whose deep roots are flourishing in our neighbourhood,” said PM Modi.

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