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“Politics of appeasement behind the continuance of evil practice of Triple Talaq” Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah said that the NDA government has been able to abolish triple talaq on the basis of the same majority. 


New Delhi| Home Minister Amit Shah today said that the politics of appeasement is the reason behind continuance of evil practice of Triple Talaq. He said, “Some political parties got used to the vote bank.” Amit Shah was speaking on Sunday at an event organized at Delhi’s Constitution Club. He said that Triple Talaq lasted for so many years due to appeasement politics. “When we think about the whole society, we have to think about these sensitivities. ”

Shah said, “Appeasement is not necessary in greed of votes. Those who are backward, poor, have to be carried along.” He added that Appeasement had led to the partition of India. The development of the country was hampered by the vote bank politics.”

Government was able to end triple talaq on the basis of majority

Recently, the parliament passed a law to criminalize Triple Talaq. He said, “I think the public has completely abolished the politics of appeasement by giving Modiji an absolute majority for the second time.” The NDA government has been able to abolish triple talaq on the basis of the same majority.

Women will get the right to equality

Amit Shah said, “It took us 56 years to finish the Congress appeasement. If it was part of the Quran then why would the Muslim countries of the world remove it? The Modi government has now liberated Muslim mothers and sisters from triple talaq. Many people accuse us of doing anti-Muslim work. I want to make it clear that the end of triple talaq will give women of Muslim society the right to equality.”

Court declared triple talaq as unconstitutional
He said, “If it had not removed this evil practice, it would have been the biggest blot on Indian democracy. Shah Bano challenged the triple talaq in court. The court had then declared it unconstitutional. Rajiv Gandhi had a majority government at that time and the government changed the verdict of the apex court by enacting legislation in Parliament.

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