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Rajiv Gandhi considered RSS-BJP biggest threat to India: Rajasthan Minister

Rajasthan Minister Shanti Dhariwal said that Rajiv Gandhi was most troubled by the ideology of RSS and considered it a threat to the nation.



Jaipur| Rajiv Gandhi was wary of RSS and BJP because of their Anti-Dalit and Anti-Minority mindset, said Rajasthan’s Parliamentary Affairs and Urban Development Minister Shanti Dhariwal. Addressing an event in Jaipur, he said that Rajiv Gandhi was a great humanitarian.

He said that Rajiv Gandhi was troubled by the ideology of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. “He firmly believed that if this country would ever suffer from communal tension, it would be due to the policies of the RSS,” Dhariwal said.

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He said that in 1929, Mahatma Gandhi called upon the entire countrymen to celebrate Independence Day on 26 January 1930 and appealed to the people to wave the tricolour at their homes. However, the Sangh hoisted the saffron flag instead.

He further alleged that RSS did not respect our national anthem and said that it doesn’t instil a feeling of patriotism. “RSS says it since 1925, that National anthem Jana Gana Mana doesn’t instil a feeling of patriotism like National song does. They were against National anthem & also used to say it openly that there should be only one colour, saffron, in the flag, instead of tricolour,” Dhariwal said.

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