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Shatrughan Sinha

Shatrughan Sinha offers to help with the economy; calls PM Modi a ‘hero’

New Delhi | Actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha has hit out the Centre for the slowing economy and has offered to provide any assistance that the government needs.

In a series of tweets, Shatrughan Sinha talked about the economic slowdown and addressed them to Prime Minister Modi.

“Sir, the economic slowdown clearly seems to be everyone’s talking point right now…..Don’t you think we should do something about it?”, he asked.

He went on to present some industry cases, which are currently facing massive economic issues and shutdown and could result in mass unemployment.

“Financial institutions and markets are in a churn, private sector businesses have become apprehensive and even common households are looking up to your government to salvage a situation that has now adversely affected several key sectors and industries – from agriculture to automobiles, soaps to shampoos, and textiles to even biscuits….. Production cut backs and layoffs have become norm of the day with Textiles,”, he wrote.

“Aviation, Automobile, Non-Banking Finance and consumer goods industries hurting the most. The ripple effects of this slowdown has spiked the unemployment rate to over 6%, an all time high in 45 years…..over 30 million people are jobless!”, he wrote.

Talking about the recent reports in Parle-G which suggested some factory shutdown, he wrote, “A grim testimony of the economic situation is Parle G’s decision to layoff over 10,000 people from its workforce due to declining consumer demand of the biscuits that we all grew up eating!….the cookie has indeed started to crumble!”.

Calling PM Modi a ‘hero’ he wrote, “The Indian Aviation industry is reeling under its worst meltdown ever…..these are just nibbles of the snowballing effect. What caused this mess? Demonetisation? GST? Policies? We keep pondering….but we also know that you, Honourable Prime Minister Sir, are the Hero who will save this economy….. Please propose a detailed roadmap/structural stimulus package to revive a volatile and struggling economy”.

“If you believe that champions from across the country and people like me can be of any assistance to help you achieve this goal, we’re more than happy to help!”, he added.

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