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Covid-19 In India: How Global Media Reported On Modi Govt’s Management of Pandemic?

“India is currently trying to breathe and stay afloat to not drown in the covid-19 wave that has swept us. The cases in the country have seen an astronomical rise. For almost a week we are recording more than 3 Lakh cases per day. Since last few days, our single-day death toll has crossed 2000 mark. In many parts of the country, the Covid-positive patients are scrambling to get beds, oxygen. People are waiting in long queues to even cremate their loved ones. Such a horrifying scenario unfolding in the country was also finally acknowledged by the Prime Minister. During his monthly radio address, PM Modi acknowledged that Coronavirus has hit us like a storm and has shaken the country. But as India’s cases rise, it also takes the global surge of Covid-19 cases upward. This is what the graph of India’s Coronavirus cases look like. and this is what has taken many experts around the world aback. The numbers of cases have shot up tremendously. And this invited a lot of global attention too. which the Central govt isn’t particularly happy about.

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