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Elections 2019: Why did TIME cover story call PM Modi “Divider in Chief”?

The portrayal of Our Prime minister Narendra Modi by the foreign media has been a topic of curiosity. A topic that some of us take great interest in. The western world’s coverage of Indian leaders also create ripples in politics here and shaping the narrative of how the world sees India. America’s prestigious Time Magazine has once again given Prime Minister Narendra Modi a place on its cover page. Almost four years later. But this time there is a controversial question. Is the world’s largest democracy ready to give Modi five years chance again? The magazine has posted a photo of Modi on his cover page with a title that is enough to create outrage. The title calls PM Modi-‘India’s dividers in chief’. This article that goes through every aspect of the last five years of modi government has been written by Atish Tasir.
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