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For A First In India, Twitter Flags BJP IT Cell Head Amit Malviya’s Tweet

The Fake News menace in India is not new. Especially during protests, high pitched election campaigns these fake news, trolls multiplies. If you are using Twitter or Facebook or any other social media platforms, you will come across the Fake News very often. The problem, however, is to identify and debunk the fake news. There are independent fact-checking websites, which are bursting the fake news but considering the scale of spread and reach of social media platform, this is a mammoth task.
So, to tackle the menace Twitter took a step, through which it labels the tweets with claims that are unverified or false. We saw this first during US Presidential Election campaigns when Twitter labelled US president Donald Trump’s Tweets claiming fraud in mail-in votes and even claiming victory.
After Twitter’s action many had raised the question as to why the social media giant did not roll out the feature a year ago during India’s General Elections. But a year later, For the first time, Twitter has flagged a tweet in India. The first person whose tweet was labelled is Amit Malviya BJP’s IT Cell head who is also accused of running a troll army on Twitter and other social media platforms.

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