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JPC On Data Protection Bill “Grills” Twitter For Kunal Kamra Tweet Against CJI, But Does It Have Jurisdiction?

Of all the things that our MPs or parliamentary committees comprising MPs should be talking to Twitter, here’s what they thought was important: Stand Up comedian Kunal Kamra’s tweet against the Supreme Court and CJI SA Bobde and most importantly why the social media platform did not take the tweet down? Yes you heard it right. The Joint parliamentary committee grilled Twitter India representatives because it did not take down the tweet by Kunal Kamra which the govt thinks disrespected the CJI and the Apex court. Let’s not get into whether it was disrespectful or not because there is already a contempt case against him in this regard. But what we will talk about is how fair is it for the Parliamentary committee to go after Twitter the social media platform for what Kamra said. Or is it the govt just trying to create an example? Let’s talk about that.
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