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US Elections : Will Throw Tresspassers Out, Says Biden Campaign After Trump Refuses To Concede

It has been four days since the polling for the US Presidential election ended but the results are not out yet. The Counting is still going on and there is a cliffhanger as to what will happen next. While the contest is very close, according to reports Joe Biden has taken a lead both in Georgia and Pennsylvania the key states. It is more of less clear that Biden has inched closer towards the victory. According to Fox news he has 264 electoral college votes whereas Trump has 214. However, Donald Trump is far from conceding a defeat. On the contrary, he is mounting legal challenge saying that the counting of mail-in ballots is counting of illegal votes. This many news outlets pointed out is an allegation without any basis. Meanwhile a recount is being held in Georgia, where Bide had a lead of just 4000 votes. This may take another day or two. On the other hand, the Trump Campaign pressed for recount in Pennsylvania as well. But the Supreme Court refused to immediately halt the recount of mail-in ballots. So the cliffhanger continues. and it will take another day or two until the picture is fully clear.

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