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US Presidential Elections 2020: How Are Trump and Joe Biden Faring In Battleground States?

The US Presidential election is an event that not only decides the fate of the World’s superpower but also affects millions of lives around the world indirectly. Thus, this time around the contest is being closely watched across the world. US President Donald Trump who won in 2016 against Democrat Hillary Clinton is fighting Democrat candidate Joe Biden This time. While Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s running mate that is Vice Presidential Nominee, Biden picked Indian-American Kamala Harris as his running mate. Though most of the opinion polls show Joe Biden leading which Donald Trump calls Fake, there remains anxiety in the US. There is still uncertainty as to who is going to win but there is anxiety over whether the result will lead to any sort of violence or chaos. Gun sales have shot up as people suspect protests and civil unrest after elections till the results are announced.
Retailers across the country are stepping up security measures to try to head off any damages to their stores during election-related protests in the coming days. Tiffany, Saks Fifth Avenue, CVS, Target and Macy’s are among the chains that are boarding up some of their stores’ windows in preparation. Many reports have already pointed out that the American society is more divided than ever now and the Presidential elections could be the most divisive election ever in the history of the ed States of America. We will talk about the election in detail. We will talk about the process election, key swing states opinion polls and I will also explain what is an electoral college in this video.

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