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Year 2003: Sushma Swaraj broke social barriers, implemented one of the biggest AIDS program

Meghavi Mota
Before Sushma Swaraj got famous as the Minister of External Affairs and got entitled as ‘just a tweet away’, few are aware that Sushma Swaraj...

India, Pak were ‘pretty close’ to resolving Kashmir issue during Vajpayee regime: Imran Khan

Washington | India and Pakistan were “pretty close” to resolving the Kashmir issue, in phases, during the regime of then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and...

Nitin Gadkari: Changing Face of Aspiration

Arti Ghargi
The only reason why Nitin Gadkari is openly rebelling against the Modi-Shah duo without inviting any strict action is a strong RSS backing.   “I...

When the CBI Director lost his post during Vajpayee government

Arti Ghargi
The civil war within CBI is first of its kind. However, the overnight, hasty removal of CBI director Alok Verma serves a sense of Déjà...