A visit to LoC -A Seminal Event Part-3

A visit to LoC -A Seminal Event Part-3

The Solution

My proposed solution is based on reading about J&K, its history, meeting people there, seeing our

forces in action etc.

Here is the solution (I am trying to keep it as succinct as possible but then I am sure readers will be able to fill in the gap themselves):

The solution to the problem clearly needs to be handled at multiple levels in parallel. They include:

  • On-ground military warfare
  • Information warfare
  • Political and Constitutional Warfare
  • Cultural War
  • Policy Level – Outclassing Pakistan

You may have noticed that I have used the word, “warfare”, it is deliberate, when you say War….it brings to the mind images of urgency, do or die, charge/attack etc.

That is the minimal level at which this problem can be solved nothing less will work.

Now, let’s take all the above one by one and understand what they mean:

  1. On-ground military Warfare:
  • The multiplicity of forces like Army, CRPF etc. is not a good idea. Usually it results in turf wars, territory marking, lack of coordination, uncoordinated response etc. This is war, and Army is trained, has the skills, reach (including border areas) and equipment to fight it. Either remove or make all others subordinate to Army command. Preferably remove all other forces, it is very tough to work in a structure which is “force fitted” with each other. Let me give you a simple example why? Did you notice that when CRPF convoy was ambushed in Pulwama, no senior officer went to J&K only our Home Minister went for a few hours, however, the Army Corp Commanders were all there.

Why, because they are trained for such situations

  • Stop questioning the Army for everything they do. Yes, we all are humans and there will be times when they will transgress their authority. Treat those incidents as per the Army rules & regulation. Don’t try to make Army a Devil and “poor” citizenry as oppressed. I was there; they are by no stretch of imagination, “oppressed”.
  • If an army officer is court martialled when they do something unbecoming of their position, so should Police, CRPF and all others be. Have you ever heard of a para-military person getting sacked for mistakes?
  • Equip the army with the best of equipment required in a zone where low intensity war is being fought such as Drones, real time satellite feeds, high resolution cameras, night vision equipment, highest quality sniper rifles and so on

2. Information Warfare:

As I mentioned earlier, with the prevalence of smart phones while mis-information can be spread easily one can use the same tool as the instrument for spreading the information we want people to read. Setup an Information Warfare cell, obtain all the cell numbers in use in J&K and use it to inform the citizens, tell them how India cares for them, tell them how our enemies are using them for their own purposes etc. Use their own thought and community leaders to spread the message of peace and harmony.

Tell the parents of the kids who have been indoctrinated that the only end of such persons is death. On the other hand if they work for the country a good life will become available without shedding an ounce of blood.

3. Political and Constitutional Warfare

For far too long we have debated about Article 370 and 35 A. These articles have to go. I know that many local parties believe and have made statements like if these Articles go, Kashmir’s accession will have to be re-discussed.

Here is what will happen (it has happened the same way in every part of the world); for some time there will be massive created disturbances. Deal with it by using Military forces (augment them, if necessary).

The overall goal should be clear; J&K is a part of India and if anyone comes in the way, he will be treated like a person committing sedition.

Slowly, things will settle down. Along with eliminating these articles announce massive tax relief to businesses who invest in J&K (things like 10 year tax holiday etc.). Make it so lucrative that it becomes worth the risk

Till such time, as necessary, keep heavy military presence so that no one can disturb and act as an impediment for things to happen there.

Allow Indians all over the country to buy properties, open businesses, set-up other units in the state.

It will start only as a trickle but as people see it happening more and more will join in and the local youths will start getting gainful employment (it’s a known human tendency that if one can get a good life without holding a gun, no one would want to risk their lives).

Over a decade or so, even if 20 % more J&K youths get decent jobs, others will start falling in line and will automatically start getting de-alienated from terror outfits and hate mongers.

Of course, for all this constant vigilance of top class and well equipped fighting force will be required so that the engine starts moving like a well-oiled machine. Once the critical mass is reached and crossed, things will automatically start falling in place.

4. Cultural War

An average Kashmiri still does feel not completely amalgamated in India. There is a kind of a glass wall in between. All this needs to change with some vigorous action. A kid growing up in J&K should feel, learn and be exposed to the same things as a kid in UP, Punjab, Tamil Nadu etc.

Force the closure of all religious fronted schools meant for indoctrination of young kids. It is against our constitution.

Reserve seats for Indians from other parts of India to study in J&K tertiary educational institutions.

Essentially do any and everything to expose J&K residents to Indians from other parts of India and vice-versa.

This, in addition to people buying property, setting up businesses, providing employment for local youth and then mixing with each other will go a very long way in removing doubts, developing an emotional bond and creating a feeling of oneness.

5. Policy Level – Outclassing Pakistan

Let’s face it; Pakistan is a failed state economically. It spends money on its defense beyond normal affordable limits (18 % of its GDP) end essentially lives off the dole it receives from donor countries.

India, on the other hand, is a thriving, growing, democracy.

So, how does that help?

We need to use our economic muscle to outspend and outclass, out class Pakistan so that at best it becomes a minor irritant neighbor.

We should raise the defense budget to a level where we have state of the art technology, equipment, BVR and other such war preparedness that Pakistan becomes irrelevant to India.

Cold war ended the same way and this is our cold war.

Just outclass Pakistan in every way possible, stop trade with them, wherever it works push Pakistan’s economy in a corner.

Eventually, they will capitulate. This is, of course, not a short term strategy, but the way things are going, it will become very effective within 1 or at most 2 decades.

Series Conclusion

First of all, let me offer you something, I will give you a monthly compensation of INR 5 Lacs per month but with only one condition you can be killed anytime, will you take it?

I asked this question to around 100 of my friends and all declined.

A soldier gets far far less than this and he still goes and fights


It is not the money, facilities or for the canteen.

It is for the “Izzat”, “Izzat” of their platoon, company, battalion, brigade, Division, Corp and the nation.

Please don’t use and abuse him just to feel good….

Gentlemen, there comes a time in every nations life when we have to make a tough choice. We are approaching that.

Will our politicians, for vote bank politics, keep sacrificing our country’s’ interests or will they, for once, forget their differences, come together and deliver the hammer blow to all those who want to see our country divided.

Because remember, if we don’t stop them in their tracks in J&K, tomorrow they will do the same in Pathankot and day after in Delhi….

The CHOICE……is ours.

Jai Hind

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