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“India and China are taking advantage of us”: US President Donald Trump

Washington | US President Donald Trump has alleged that India and China have been taking advantage of the US for many years, and they are not a “developing” nation anymore.

Addressing a gathering at Pennsylvania on Tuesday, Donald Trump said that India and China- two major economies in Asia are no longer just developing nations, and they cannot benefit from that tag anymore.

“They (India and China) were taking advantage of us for years and years,” Donald Trump said.

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The US and China have been engaged in a trade war for many months now.

Donald Trump-led US government has also seen a couple of setbacks with trade in India.

Earlier in July, Trump asked the World Trade Organisation to define how it designates developing-country status, a move apparently aimed at singling out countries like China, Turkey and India which are getting lenient treatment under the global trade rules.

He said that India and China have been misusing the “developing” tag for a while now.

He claimed the WTO views certain countries like China and India as “they’re growing”.

“Well, they’ve grown,” he said.

Trump declared that he will not let such countries take advantage of the WTO. “We’re not letting that happen anymore…Everybody is growing but us,” he said.

He also claimed that if the situation has not improved, the US will have to pull out of the WTO. He said that they don’t have to abide by the WTO rules.

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