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Haqqani Network commander hiding in Pakistan killed in the US drone attack

Haqqani Network’s commander Ehsan alias Khawari and two of his companions have been reportedly killed in the US drone attack in a Pakistan bordering village.

In a sharp reminder of US drone strike killing Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour; the US once again conducted a successful military operation killing a top commander of Haqqani Network. According to the media reports, along with the Haqqani Network, commander two others were also killed by the US drone attack. The attack was carried out in a Pakistan Village of Kurram Agency. The tribal area shares its border with Afghanistan.

The US drone fired two missiles at the house in Speen Thall area which is on the confluence of borders between Hangu district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Orakzai agency. Pakistani daily reported that US spy drone attacks were conducted in North Waziristan which targeted the houses of refugees. However, Haqqani Network’s commander Ehsan alias Khawari and two of his companions are said to be killed in this attack.

On January 5, United States blocked all the security aide to the country. With this move, US President Donald Trump had sent out a strong message to Pakistan and the world that it is indeed serious about cracking down on terrorism.

A week ago US President Donald Trump had also issued a warning to Pakistan that if Pakistan does not take substantial measures to curb terrorism, it will cut the aid given to Pakistan. Trump further pointed out how Pakistan has become a safe haven for terrorists. However, he also warned that this will not happen anymore.

Haqqani Network
US President Donald Trump warned Pakistan against providing safe haven to Haqqani Network terrorists.

The US believes that Pakistan is taking a soft stand on Haqqani Network and Taliban. Haqqani Network is a militant terrorist organization in Afghanistan. It uses guerrilla warfare techniques against Afghanistan Army and US-led NATO forces. While during 1980s CIA used it to drive out Soviet influence from Afghanistan, the Sharia-following ideology of the militant group also turned against the US. The group has also worked with Taliban and is a launch pad for terrorists. One of the infamous examples is Osama Bin Laden who went on to be Al-Qaeda’s chief. Terrorists from these organizations often find patronage in Pakistan. The US has been keen on eliminating the terror organization from Afghanistan.

Pakistan has repeatedly said that drone strikes on its soil are a violation of its sovereignty and denies the charge, saying it acts against militants without discrimination.

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