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Trump to meet Kim: talks of “denuclearization” to take centre stage

The North Korean leader Kim-jong-un and American President Donald Trump have in the past threatened each other of Nuclear attack sparking speculations of war. However, they are expected to talk on “denuclearization” in their first meet.


Ending a tussle of almost one and half years the two arch-rival world leaders American President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un have decided to hold a diplomatic meet. On Thursday, American President gave his nod to the invitation by Kim Jong Un to talk about “denuclearization”. South Korean envoy who has been conducting diplomatic meets with North Korean diplomats for months now confirmed that this is the first ever meeting to be held between the two leaders.

The North Korean leader and American President have in the past threatened each other of Nuclear attack. American president Donald Trump even openly tweeted that he has the button of the nuclear weapon on his table. However, in fresh turn of events, Kim is reportedly proposing “denuclearization” and discontinuing the nuclear missile tests.

South Korea’s National Security Office head Chung Eui-yong who was in America to brief President Trump on the meeting of South Korean officials and Kim Jong Un’s envoy said, “Kim has taken a pledge that North Korea will further refrain from nuclear or missile tests.”

Chung said that Kim also conveyed that he wants to meet the US President as soon as possible. President Trump too agreed to meet Kim in May this year to achieve “denuclearization”.

However, there was no statement issued by the White House on South Korean envoy’s message.

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