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Julian Assange could die in prison, 60 doctors write to authorities

Doctors wrote letters to many authorities that Julian Assange be removed from Belmarsh jail and admitted to University Teaching Hospital.


London| As many as 60 doctors have written an open letter which was published on Monday. According to the letter, doctors fear that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (48) may be killed inside the prison. The US wants to extradite Assange who is Australian origin from Britain and they are fighting a battle against it. Assange is in London’s Belmarsh prison.

Doctors wrote letters to many important people including Britain’s Home Minister Preeti Patel, Minister of Internal Affairs. It appeals that Assange be removed from Belmarsh jail and admitted to University Teaching Hospital. Assange has been charged under the espionage law. If convicted in the US, he could face up to 175 years in prison.

‘Assange’s physical-mental condition worsens’

The doctors wrote in their 16-page letter, “We can tell that Julian Assange’s physical and mental condition is serious. He needs immediate physical and psychological support. This can only be done in a hospital with better equipment. Assange can be shifted to University Teaching Hospital. If he does not get better treatment, he can die.” Those who wrote the letter include doctors from America, Australia, Britain, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Sri Lanka and Poland.

Based on the eyewitness report

The doctors formed the basis on the eyewitness’ statements and the report of Nils Melzer, a special reporter appointed by the United Nations. On November 21, eyewitnesses made statements about Assange in a London court. At the same time, Melzer gave a statement in the court on 1 November.

Melzer is also a UN human rights expert. He said that Assange is being persecuted constantly. He may have to pay the price for this by giving them life.

Assault on Assange

Assange made public the US military and diplomatic files in 2010 through WikiLeaks. It revealed US bombings in Afghanistan and Iraq. The US government had to face severe criticism after it surfaced.

Assange appeared in public 6 months ago. He went to trial in court last month. During this time he appeared quite weak. He was having trouble remembering his date of birth. After the hearing, Judge Vanessa Barretser said that Assange did not understand what happened in the court.


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