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“Mainstream Media Not Highlighting Corruption Allegations On Joe Biden Enough”: Trump Complains Of Media Bias

“Biden handed over our jobs to China. He has a business relationship with China. This is why China is hurting our businesses,” said Donald Trump. 


Arizona| US President Donald Trump has accused the media of not highlighting the corruption allegations against Democrat Candidate Joe Biden enough. According to Trump, Mainstream, print and social media are not exposing Biden’s corruption. Trump said, “This experience shows that the media is trying to suppress America.” This is not the first time Trump has expressed his displeasure with the media. A few days ago, he said that he tries to convey his words properly through social media because mainstream media is biased.

At a rally in Arizona, Trump said that Joe Biden is trapped and surrounded by corruption accusations but the media does not want to write about it. “Those people call it the freedom of media, but themselves are suppressing it,” he said. Trump was hinting at Joe Biden’s son Hunter. He has been accused by the Republican Party and Trump of corruption. Trump alleges that Hunter received money from Russia, China and Ukraine when Biden was Vice President during Obama’s time, and even after that. Biden’s family denies this.

No freedom of press

Trump said it’s a shame that America doesn’t have freedom of the press. “Democrats are known as the corrupt party. They (media) do not see Hunter’s laptop, which contains evidence. There is gold in it. I have never seen such a laptop anywhere else. But, they (media) do not want to see it. Biden handed over our jobs to China. He has a business relationship with China. This is why China is hurting our businesses, our factories and workers, ” Trump charged at his rally.

At the same time as Trump was holding the rally, officials came to know that an unknown plane was moving towards the venue of the rally. This created a panic-like atmosphere for some time. However, later it was clarified that there was no threat.

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