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Sikh community in Pakistan migrate after attack from Islamic extremist

Sikh pakistan

Peshawar | More than sixty percent of  30,000 members of the minority Sikh community are migrating to various parts of Pakistan after constant attacks from the Islamic fundamentalist in Peshawar.

According to media reports, after Charanjeet Singh, a peace activist and an owner of a grocery store in Peshawar was shot by a local, the community is migrating to various parts of Pakistan along with India. The community is being forced to live in under a constant threat.

“I believe genocide of Sikhs is taking place here,” Baba Gurpal Singh, community spokesperson told media. PCS member Balbir Singh, while talking to the media outlet, pointed towards his turban and said, “This makes us an easy target.” While another member of Pakistan Sikh council (PCS) said that their community was being wiped out as they “looked different.”

“The Pakistani government has not been acknowledging that the Sikh community requires its support and protection,” reported local media.

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