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“Will Not Take COVID-19 Vaccine If Donald Trump Tells Us To Take It” : Kamala Harris In Vice-Presidential Debate

“If public health professionals, doctors tell us that we should take the vaccine, then I will stand in the first line to take it,” said Kamala Harris. 


Utah| The United States Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic Vice President Nominee Kamala Harris completed their first and only debate on Wednesday night in Salt Lake City, Utah. The debate was being moderated by USA Today’s Susan Page, who stated that the format of the debate would include nine parts of 10 minutes each with time for each candidate’s questions. Kamala Harris slammed US President Donald Trump and his administration during the debate.

These are some of the main points that Kamala Harris made in her vice-presidential debate –

1. “The American people have seen what is the biggest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country. Whatever the vice administration is claiming, the administration has clearly not done it. You can see 210,000 dead bodies in the country.”

2. “They knew what was happening (Coronavirus) and they did not tell you. They knew, and they covered it. They said they would not tell you because the president wanted the Americans to calm down. Now you tell me how calm you were when your children were sent back home.”

3. “We believe in having transparency about both tax and health. It would also be good to know whose money President Donald Trump has. Americans should know what is affecting their decisions.”

4. “Joe and I aim to uplift the American people. We have been raised by the same values. That was the best day of my life when I got a call from him.”

5. “Joe Biden believes that the health of the economy should be measured by the health of American workers. But Donald Trump believed that the economy should be measured by how rich people are.

6. “Biden will not increase the tax further. He is very clear about this. Biden has also been responsible for bringing America back from recession.”

7. “If public health professionals, doctors tell us that we should take the vaccine, then I will stand in the first line to take it. But if Trump tells us that we should take it, I will not take it.”

8. “Donald Trump betrayed friendship and embraced the world’s dictators. Take Russia, for example.”

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