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#Watch: Concern over EVM safety spark protest in UP; Priyanka Gandhi sends audio message to workers

New Delhi| Two days are remaining for the final result of 2019 Lok Sabha elections to be announced. Amidst the predictions of exit poll, several opposition leaders have raised concern over EVMs. In one such case, a midnight drama over EVMs was witnessed in Uttar Pradesh’s  Gazipur.

After rumors of replaced EVM  spread in Chandauli in Uttar Pradesh, SP-BSP candidate Afzal Ansari reached the spot and started a protest in front of the strong room at Mandi Gate. Afzal Ansari, who arrived in Jangipur Mandi late Monday evening, is also accusing that there could be EVM tampering in this region too.

Ansari accused that the district administration is not allowing the SP-BSP workers near the Strong Room Complex. He said that EVM machines of five assembly seats have been kept in five places. “We want a pass for three people to field out of every assembly constituency which is lawful. The passes were given in the last election too by the district administration,” Ansari said.

He further alleged that dustrict administration in collusion with the ruling party can tamper with the EVMs. He said that until the administration allows the said number of representatives, the people of Ghazipur will protect their precious votes by sitting outside Jangipur Mandi Committee overnight.

Ansari said that unless they are completely convinced of the safety of EVM machines, they will not move from Jangipur. “We will protect our EVM machine by day and night,” said Ansari. Meanwhile, Ansari also got in a spat with police official outside the strong room.

Several parties have raised concerns over EVMs. Earlier, a video from Chandauli surfaced where EVMs were seen being kept inside strong rooms a day after polling was over. There were some allegations of truck full of pre-loaded EVMs being brought on some constituencies.

BSP chief Mayawati had written a letter to the party cadres asking them to ensure that enough candidates are fielded outside strong rooms. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra too sent a whatsapp audio message to party cadres asking them not to lose hope after exit polls. She also asked the cadres to be outside the strong rooms and alert.


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