16-yr-old girl found brutalised on Alwar bridge wasn't abducted: Police

16-yr-old girl found brutalised on Alwar bridge wasnt abducted: Police

JAIPUR: The Rajasthan police on Friday said that the minor girl with mental illness, who was brutalised and found in a critical condition on an overbridge in Alwar on Tuesday night, was not abducted but reached the Tijara Bridge on her own.

The 16-year-old girl was admitted to a local hospital in critical condition and the same night, was referred to a hospital in Jaipur for treatment. The girl later underwent surgery and her condition is stable now.

Police said she travelled in an auto from her village to the city, and walked to the bridge on her own. "As of now we have ruled out abduction. Further investigation is going on to ascertain what exactly happened with the girl," a police officer said.

Superintendent of police, Alwar, Tejaswani Gautam said the police have traced the route taken by the girl from her village to the city. "We found that the driver and the auto she travelled in along with 8-10 other passengers. The forensic science team searched the auto and found nothing suspicious. We have also questioned the driver. Now the passengers in the auto will be questioned. The girl travelled around 25 km from village and reached Alwar City in the auto. From there, she walked towards the bridge," she said.

The medical report of the girl has not come yet and several police teams are investigating the case, she said.

Police said that after scanning over 250 footages of CCTV cameras it was found that the girl visited many areas of the city and in one video, was seen sitting on the footpath. "In one of the footages, she is seen walking towards the bridge but there is no camera on the bridge where she was found in distressed condition," she said.

Police said apart from the CCTV footage and from the statement of the auto driver and other people of the area, they have not found anything suspicious. "Now the investigation is happening to find what happened around the bridge," another police officer said.

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