MVA wants to make Guv 'Puppet' of their hand: Devendra Fadnavis

MVA wants to make Guv Puppet of their hand: Devendra Fadnavis

Mumbai: Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis slams Maharashtra Government on Universities Act. He said, "In most of the Universities we are using online exam format. There is an entire system in place for it but now these ministers are deciding whom to give the contract to conduct these online exams. Then some other companies will get the contract to conduct the exams online and all universities will become the epic center of Degree distribution Scams. When I was in Nagpur University one such scam has happened, registrar Mr. Kochale of Nagpur University was distributing the marks as per the desire of students & students used to get the degree without attending exams. Now, this Govt has decided to do such things and that is why they have given powers to them. MVA Govt has created a new post equivalent to Vice-chancellor which Minister will be heading. Now minister will head the Senate. Do ministers have that much time to conduct the business of the Senate? This new proposal which the MVA government has passed in both the houses taking the powers of Vice-Chancellors is nothing but to make them 'Babu'. Now Vice-Chancellors won't have any right, they will now have to act according to Ministers.

When we had made this act that time selection committee was headed by Judge and other members whom Government & University used to select. This 4 member Selection Panel used to recommend 5 names for the post of Vice-Chancellor and out of those 5 names Government used to select one candidate as Vice-Chancellor of the university. So there was never an allegation of any bias, but now in the new process Government will be selecting 3 members over the selection panel and within 30 days' time University has to select the candidate or else Government will select it. They want to make the Government 'Puppet' of their hand.

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