Sanjay Raut would never understand what the pride value is: BJP MLA Ram Satpute

Sanjay Raut would never understand what the pride value is: BJP MLA Ram Satpute

Mumbai: BJP MLA Ram Satpute, criticized Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut amid him ignoring backward class people of the state. He even mocked Raut for maki8ng statements against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and gave him an advise of speaking on the issues instead of making remarks.

He termed Sanjay Raut as a sycophant, and said that there won't be any other former like him. "You would never understand what the pride value is. Therefore, you always criticise the Prime Minister for his initiatives like the construction of Central Vista, Netaji Subhshchandra Bose's statue and a big temple in Kashi. You do not have the potential to understand the meaning of these initiatives," Satpute said.

He asked Sanjay Raut to look into Maharashtra related issues. He asked him to concentrate more on the welfare and development of the backward class people. "Why you do not think on speaking about the backward class? Why you do not feel to increase the percentage of the backward class students in higher education and research? BARTI has been already established for them," he said.

According to BJP MLA, Maha Vikas Aghadi government has completely lost it's direction. 518 students are yet to get their scholarships, despite the interviews were conducted about a year ago. "You would never speak on these issues. It is a Congress's policy to keep backward class population backward and you are implementing it," he added.

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