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AAP leader says coal crisis is plotted, it is not true

New Delhi: National spokesperson for the Aam Aadmi Party, Sanjay Singh in an interview said that the coal crisis is not real and is staged. He attacked government by saying that Government staged it to make private companies more profitable.

“India is second in coal production and Coal India is number one company in coal production, so it there is coal crisis in india and power blackout will happen is a joke, According to me coal crisis is a staged crisis it not a real crisis, I have many friends in the coal industry they said that there is no coal crisis, in fact during the lockdown they had stored the coal as it was not being used but only produced so it’s not possible that there can be coal crisis,” he said.

He further added that Governemnt sold electricity at higher rates staging the coal crisis, “The Central government gets electricity for Rs 2-5 and because of crisis the electricity was sold at Rs 20 which profited the private player, why did the government do it? to give profit to the private players and to sell electricity at a higher cost therefore the crisis was staged.”

He further attacked government by asking what was government doing when the coal was on a brink of getting over, “Coal is not something that could be hidden, was the government asleep? Didn’t they realise early that the stock is low? It is all staged and there is no coal crisis.

He also alleged Uttar Pradesh government of loaning thousands fro Coal India company, “Uttar Pradesh government has loaned hundreds and thousands of rupees of Coal India, that can be a problem but coal crisis is not.”

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