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“Amendment Does Not Mean Flaws In Farm Laws”: Narendra Singh Tomar Defiant Despite Farmers’ Protest

“Farmers have been deceived. The world knows that farming is done with water, only Congress is benefitting with the blood of farmers,” Narendra Singh Tomar said.


Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar responded to the opposition on the issue of agricultural laws during the discussion on the President’s address in the Rajya Sabha. Tomar said, “If the government is ready for any amendment, it should not mean that there is a mistake in the agricultural law. This is a matter of one state. Name one of the provisions in the Contract Act which is anti-farmer. Farmers have been deceived. The world knows that farming is done with water, only Congress is benefitting with blood of farmers, BJP cannot do it.”

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Earlier, Congress leader Anand Sharma raised the issue of migrant workers and farmers. He said that everyone knows the situation in the country after the lockdown. “Even those whose jobs were lost, their families were devastated. Farmers were forced to fight for their rights. The government is responsible for this,” Anand Sharma said.

‘Lockdown shows government’s insensitivity’

Anand Sharma said, “The government’s achievement during the epidemic was mentioned in the President’s address, but during the lockdown, migrants and millions of workers were forced to walk. Where did the trains go? A child removes a blanket from the body of his dead mother at the station. it was not discussed.”

‘Presidents read what the government gives them’

Sharma said the President’s address was a disappointing testimonial of the government. “We know that the president reads what the government gives. On one hand, there is a struggle going on, on the other hand, the agricultural laws are being praised in the speech, it cannot be sadder than this,” Anand Sharma said.

The Congress leader also said that there was a sudden epidemic, no country in the world was ready. “In a democracy, it is not possible to have only one thought and one idea. India’s tradition has been contemplation and discussion, debate and dialogue. Let the people accept every policy-decision of the government and let the opposition approve it,” Sharma said.

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