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Bharat Biotech Releases Factsheet For Covaxin, Reveals Who Should Opt For Vaccine and Who Shouldn’t

Bharat Biotech has released this factsheet detailing the possible adverse events of the Covaxin and the people eligible for the vaccine.


In India, Bharat Biotech’s covaxin and serum institute of India’s Covishield have been approved for emergency use and thus the vaccination has been going on since January 16 in the country. However, in the meantime, Bharat Biotech has released a factsheet about who should not opt for vaccination.

Through a factsheet uploaded on the company’s website on Monday, Bharat Biotech has advised people not to get Covaxin, who have been complaining of allergy, fever, bleeding disorder for some time, as well as those who have weak immunity or Taking medicines or which may have an effect on the immune system.

A statement uploaded on the company’s website said that the Covaxin is also prohibited for pregnant and lactating women. Also, those who have taken a second vaccine, or are suffering from a serious illness, shouldn’t opt for it.

It is important to know here that the government had also issued a guideline clarifying that pregnant women and lactating women are not yet required to take the vaccine. Bharat Biotech has released this factsheet detailing the possible adverse events of the vaccine and the people eligible for the vaccine. It states that there is very little chance that Covaxin can cause severe allergic reactions including difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face / throat / rapid heartbeat, full body rashes and weakness.

It is worth mentioning that covaxin is currently in the third phase trial and its efficacy has not been fully proved yet. The clinical trial data for the third phase is being studied. Bharat Biotech has stated that the introduction of a vaccine dose does not mean that it should stop following other standard precautions set to prevent Covid-19. This is the reason why the company has considered the need to take precautions which if ignored can cause side effects of this vaccine. The government has also said that a person will have to take both doses of the same vaccine.

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