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Can Gaumutra Prevent Coronavirus?: Busting Common COVID-19 Myths With an Expert

Tatyarao Lahane, director of DMER, Mumbai, Maharashtra helps us in busting common myths around the novel coronavirus. 

Mumbai| As the total number of people infected with coronavirus reached 126, the government has stopped incoming travel from a number of nations, including the European Union, Malaysia, Philippines and Afghanistan.

As the questions over the lack of mass testing grow louder, the Indian Council of Medical Research said they are working on the inclusion of private laboratories in the testing process and considering the possibility of testing people who have no travel history.

Myth Number 1: Gaumutra Can cure COVID-19

Tatyarao Lahane: This is totally a myth. Gaumutra cannot prevent or cure the spread of infection of COVID- 19. The virus has come to the world for the first time and there is no drug available to cure it.

Myth Number 2: By eating ginger & pepper and having hot water we can avoid COVID-19.

Tatyarao Lahane: People think that if the temperature increases COVID-19 will die. This is not true. In Dubai, the temperature is 38 degrees but still, there is a high number of patients there. So similarly about the hot water, the virus dies at 50 degrees. So are we going to drink that much hot water? It is not possible.

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Myth Number 3: Masks prevent the virus from entering the body.

Tatyarao Lahane: It highly depends on the stage of the virus in India. When we get in stage 3 or beyond, that time precautions are different. As of now, people need to avoid the crowds. By using the masks the COVID-19 will not be prevented because the disease is not airborne. Only people having cough and cold and symptoms must wear masks.

Myth Number 4: Meat eaters have more risk of getting infected by COVID-19.

Tatyarao Lahane: Anything that is uncooked has bacteria and viruses. But COVID-19 dies at 50 degrees and boiling is 100 degrees. How will the virus survive? So, people can eat whatever they were eating before.

Myth Number 5: Pets can also be infected with COVID-19.

Tatyarao Lahane: The virus hasn’t been transmitted by human to any domestic animal.

Panic buying of masks and sanitizers, gaumutra party and rise in stigma related to meat-eaters are some of the reasons why we decided to bust the myths.

Among the patients who are currently positive, are 22 foreigners in Haryana. Maharashtra is still the state which has the highest number of patients – the figure is still 39.

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