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“Crude”, “inflammatory”, “Hate Speech”: How India’s Vidisha Maitra held a mirror to Imran Khan’s UNGA speech

Vidisha Maitra, said that Imran Khan’s warning about nuclear war does not show Statesmanship but shows him as an unstable leader.


New York| India on Saturday responded to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan‘s provocative speech at the United Nations General Assembly. On behalf of India, the First Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs, Vidisha Maitra, said that Imran Khan’s warning about nuclear war does not show Statesmanship. She said that this shows him not as a politician but as an unstable leader.

Earlier, Imran Khan had said in a speech on Friday that seeing the situation in Kashmir, 130 crore Muslims present in the world will become extremists.”There would be bloodshed as soon as the curfew was lifted. Before 9/11, Hindus carried out suicide attacks in Sri Lanka, but no one was accused of them,” Khan said.

Vidisha Maitra in a no holds barred reply said that Pakistan which claims that there are no militant organizations, is the same country that defended Osama bin Laden.

 “Hate Speech” by Imran Khan

Maitra said, “You should not forget how Pakistan massacred its own people in East Pakistan in 1971. People should go to Pakistan and see the condition of the citizens. While Pakistan insists on terrorism, India on the issue of development. Indian citizens do not need anyone to speak for them.” She said that Pakistan only talks about dividing the people which is not less than a “hate speech”. She also said that using words like Bloodbath or pogrom shows a medieval mindset.

“Imran Khan will be reminded of his promise”

Slamming Pakistan for shielding terrorists, Maitra said, “Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked the UN Observers to come to Pakistan to check if any terrorist organization is active there? Will the world remind him of this promise.” She added,  “All we heard from Imran Khan was his unilateral attitude towards the world. In it, there were talks of me vs. everyone else, rich vs. poor, north vs. south, developed country vs. developing country, and Muslim religion vs. other religion.”

“Minorities are not safe in Pakistan”

Holding Pakistan responsible for the safety of minorities in Pakistan, Vidisha Maitra said, “This is a country where the size of the minority community has steadily decreased. In 1947, whose number was 23%, today it has been reduced to only 3%. These include many communities including Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Shia, Sindhi.”

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