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#DilliChalo: Moving Visuals Of Farmers’ Resilience As They Inch Towards Delhi

Farmers not only braved water cannons and tear gas but also moved aside concrete barricades and containers meant to block their way. 

As farmers started their march towards the national capital to register their protest against the contentious farm bills, the Haryana state government and centre has barricaded different entry points to Delhi. Barbed wire fencing, barricades, water cannons and heavy police deployment awaited the farmers at Delhi border.

While the borders of the national capital have been sealed to stop the farmers from entering Delhi, the first day of the protest also saw confrontations between farmers and police at various points along the borders of Haryana.

In the chilly winters, police used water cannons to disperse the protesting farmers who began their journey to the national capital in Trucks, tractors and trolleys. At some places, police also used teargas on a group of farmers trying to remove barricades to move forward.

1. Tear Gas shelling at Singhu Border

At the Delhi-Haryana Singhu border this morning, as farmers tried to enter the national capital, the police fired tear gas on them to disperse the protestors. The police fired around 25-30 shots of tear-gas; however, the farmers regrouped again to move ahead. Reportedly, police ave moved forward to push farmers back.

(Credits: Zeba Warsi’s Twitter)

2. Farmers Remove Concrete Barricades

Videos doing rounds on social media showed farmers removing heavy concrete barricades placed at Panipat- Sonipat border, as they moved towards the national capital to protest the farm bills.

(Credits: Mansoor Azad’s Twitter)

3. Farmers Take Down Cement Barricades

Protesting farmers try to bring down the cement blocks placed by the Haryana Police at the highway in Sonipat. Despite several hurdles, farmers from Haryana and Punjab are braving water cannons and tear gas to move towards Delhi.

(Credits: Zeba Warsi’s Twitter)

4. Farmers move aside the container

Farmers marching towards national capital grouped together to move aside the container placed in their way, meant to block their march. The said video is also from the Sonipat border area.

(Credits: Mansoor Azad’s Twitter)


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