Facebook Removes Ads By Trump Campaign For Violating Policies


Facebook removed all of the posts and ads by Trump campaign for using the infamous Nazi symbol but his people alleged that it was not a Nazi

NEW DELHI| Social media giant Facebook has removed a series of posts shared by US President Donald Trump’s campaign for violating the policies of the company. The company alleged that Trump’s campaign ads were removed for using “a banned hate group’s symbol to identify political prisoners”. The ads featured an inverted red triangle which was apparently used by Nazis to identify their political prisoners.

Facebook removed all of the posts and ads by Trump campaign for using the infamous Nazi symbol but his people alleged that it was not a Nazi.

Confirming the removal of Trump campaign ads from the social networking platform, Facebook’s Andy Stone said in a statement, “We removed these posts and ads for violating our policy against organized hate, Our policy prohibits using a banned hate group’s symbol to identify political prisoners without the context that condemns or discusses the symbol.”

The Trump campaign read as, “Dangerous MOBS of far-left groups are running through our streets and causing absolute mayhem. They are DESTROYING our cities and rioting it’s absolute madness Please add your name IMMEDIATELY to stand with your President and his decision to declare ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization.” The post is now deleted.

The Trump campaign was pulled up for using the Nazi symbol but they, on the other hand, said it was not the Nazi symbol but a symbol used by the Anti-fascist group Antifa. As per the Trump campaign, the Antifa group was involved in the protests that erupted after the brutal killing of George Floyd at the hands of Police in Minneapolis.

Tim Murtaugh, director of communications for the campaign said in a statement, “We would note that Facebook still has an inverted red triangle emoji in use, which looks exactly the same, so it’s curious that they would target only this ad. The image is also not included in the Anti-Defamation League’s database of symbols of hate.”

The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League Jonathan Greenblatt had alleged that Trump’s usage of the inverted red triangle for political opponents is highly “offensive”. “The Nazis used red triangles to identify their political victims in concentration camps. Using it to attack political opponents is highly offensive. @POTUS’ campaign needs to learn its history, as ignorance is no excuse for using Nazi-related symbols,” he tweeted.

Trump’s war with social networking platforms doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was criticized by his own employees for not removing Trump’s post inciting violence. However, following the backlash CEO Mark Zuckerberg had promised that the company will review content policies. “We’re going to review potential options for handling violating or partially-violating content aside from the binary leave-it-up or take-it-down decisions,” he had said.

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