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Farm Bill Reforms Need of 21st Century, Won’t Harm Agriculture Mandis: PM Modi

PM Modi while announcing another set of sops before Bihar polls said, “NDA govt has continuously worked to modernize the agricultural markets of the country.”


New Delhi| Adding to the series of Sops being announced for the state of Bihar just ahead of the Assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again declared a big gift to the state. The Prime Minister today launched 9 highway projects worth Rs 14,258 crores and ‘Ghar Tak Fibre’ program to connect 45,945 villages with optical fibre internet services in Bihar. The plans of three Mahasetu include the Gandhi Setu, parallel to Vikramshila Setu and four-lane bridge of Phulaut. While four roads include Ara-Mohania, Rajauli-Bakhtiyarpur, Narenpur-Purnia and Kanhauli-Ramnagar.

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  • With the increase in internet usage, now it is also necessary that the villages of the country have good quality, high-speed internet. Due to the efforts of the government, optical fibre has already reached nearly 1.5 lakh panchayats in the country: PM Modi
  • Not only this, more than 3 lakh common service centres have also been added online in the last 6 years. Now the country is moving ahead with the goal of extending this connectivity to every village in the country: PM Modi
  • Through telemedicine, it will now be possible to provide cheap and effective treatment to the poor even at faraway villages. Our farmers will benefit greatly from this. They will easily get information like a good crop, weather conditions: PM Modi

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  • The biggest obstacle in Bihar’s connectivity has been due to large rivers. This is the reason that special attention was paid to the construction of bridges when the PM package was announced. Under this package, a total of 17 bridges are being built over Ganga river, most of which have been completed: PM Modi
  • In our country, the system of buying and selling of the farm products, the laws related to it were such that they tied the hands and feet of the farmers. Under the guise of these laws, powerful gangs were born in the country who were taking advantage of the helplessness of the farmers. After all, how long will this go on?: PM Modi
  • The new agricultural reforms have given the farmer freedom that he can sell his crop to anyone, anywhere. If he gets more profit in the market, he will sell his crop there. If there is more profit outside the market, selling there will not be prohibited: PM Modi
  • In states like Madhya Pradesh, UP, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, pulses are abundant. In these states, farmers have received 15 to 25 per cent more prices than last year directly. Pulses mills have also purchased directly from farmers there, paid directly to them: PM Modi
  • These laws, these changes are not against agricultural mandis. It would still be the same. Rather, it is our NDA government which has continuously worked to modernize the agricultural markets of the country: PM Modi
  • A second law has been enacted to protect the interests of farmers. The security of the farmer’s farm, good seeds, manure to the farmer, will be the responsibility of those who will get into a contract with the farmers: PM Modi
  • I assure every farmer of the country that the MSP system will continue to operate as before. Similarly, the way the campaign is run for government procurement every season, they will continue to run as before: PM Modi

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