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GST collection for September lowest in the 19 months

The collection of GST fell 2.67 per cent to Rs 91916 crores in September 2019 from Rs 94442 crores collected in the same month last year.


New Delhi| The GST collection has fallen by more than six thousand crores in September compared to the month of August. The amount of Goods and Service Tax collection in August was Rs 98,202 crore which fell down to Rs 91,916 crores in September.

The collection of Goods and Services Tax fell 2.67 per cent to Rs 91916 crore in September 2019, which is less than the revenue of Rs 94442 crore collected in the same month last year. This collection was the lowest in the last 19 months. In April, May and July this year, this amount was more than one lakh crore rupees. In June it was around one lakh crore rupees.

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The Finance Ministry said on Tuesday that the GST collected in September included the central GST collection of Rs 16630 crore, state GST collection of Rs 22598 crore, integrated GST collection of Rs 45069 crore and cess collection of Rs 7620 crore. 22097 crore in integrated GST and Rs. 728 crore in cess is received from imports.

75 lakh 94 thousand GSTR-3B forms were filled till 30 September of the month of August. The government has transferred Rs 21131 crore from the integrated GST to the central GST and Rs 15121 crore to the state GST account. After regular allocation, the total GST revenue of the Central Government in June was Rs 37761 crore and the total amount of the states was Rs 37719 crore.


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