Man vs Wild: Modi was calm even in crisis, never seen before side of PM, says Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls Modi

According to Bear Grylls, there were many occasions while shooting when his team also felt threatened, but Modi still did not look distracted.

New Delhi| The special episode of Man vs. Wild featuring host Bear Grylls with PM Modi will be broadcast on August 12 on Discovery Channel. Before the premiere of the episode, Bear Grylls has shared his thoughts on the moments spent in the jungle with PM Modi. Grylls said that Modi was comfortable even in difficult conditions in the rugged forest and the smile on his face never disappeared.

In an interview to news agency ANI, Grylls said, “I have been a big fan of India for many years, it was a real privilege for me to take an iconic global leader like PM Modi on an adventurous journey in the jungle.”

“I have had the great privilege of taking President Obama on a trip to Alaska a few years ago .. which was the same (Obama and PM Modi). We have to protect the environment. They came there to carry this message forward,” he said.

Bear Grylls further said that PM Modi is a person who cares deeply about the environment. “That is why he came with me on this journey. He has actually spent time in the jungle as a younger man and I was surprised how comfortable he was out there and how calm he was,” he added.

“India is a remarkable and beautiful country with so much beauty that you’ve got to protect. But it comes down always to the individual. Little things like don’t litter, support initiatives that reduce plastic, or protect the environment or promote conservation,” Bear Grylls stated.

Bear Grylls said, “The film that our team was doing (Man vs. Wild) was really on edge, but PM (Modi) was just too quiet and I had seen it throughout my journey. Whatever we were doing, he was very calm and watching it. It was good to see… what shone for me was his humility.”

Talking about PM Modi’s eating habits, he said, “PM (Modi) is a vegetarian, so grubs or nothing could be eaten there. But in the jungle, you can survive on berries, roots, plants. Certainly, PM spent his time in the jungle, so he was very comfortable with that.”

“The side of PM Modi you will see is unlike you have ever seen before. The team has come back and said this could be the most-watched TV show ever in any country in the world, and that is my hope for it,” Grylls said.

The shooting of this episode of the Man vs Wild took place in Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. This tiger reserve is spread over 520 square kilometres. A large number of tigers and crocodiles are present in it. According to Grylls, there were many occasions when his team also felt threatened, but Modi still did not look distracted.

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