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PM Modi Warns Of New FDI- ‘Foreign Destructive Ideology’, Accuses Congress Of ‘U-Turn’ On Farm Laws

“Today a new foreign destructive ideology as emerged…the country must be made aware of this ideology,” PM Modi said in Rajya Sabha.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today In Rajya Sabha, while playing on the term “foreign direct investment or FDI”, said the country needs to be cautioned against deleterious influences from abroad that he referred to as “foreign destructive ideology”. The remarks by the Prime Minister came in the context of ongoing farmers’ protest that has received support from several global celebrities such as pop artiste Rihanna and climate activist Greta Thunberg.

While stressing that the entire country was proud of the Sikh community, that has led the ongoing agitation against new farm laws passed by Modi government, the PM said one must be aware of the “new category” of people: “Andolanjeevi,” roughly translated as the “agitational being”.

“There is a new variety of people that has come forward in the country today: Andolanjeevi (roughly translated as “agitational beings”)”, the Prime Minister said.

While replying to the Presidential address, PM Modi today told Rajya Sabha: “We are all ready to meet and talk. I put forth the invitation today in the House.” Talking about the MSP, which is at the centre of the demands made by farmers, PM Modi said: “MSP (minimum support price) has been around, MSP is still around, MSP will remain.”

“This country is proud of Sikhs. What have the Sikhs not done for the nation?” PM Modi asked.

“Today a new foreign destructive ideology as emerged…the country must be made aware of this ideology,” he added.

Defending the new laws passed by his government, the Prime Minister also referenced his predecessor Manmohan Singh as he derided what he called the Congress’s volte face on farm reforms.

Renewing an offer of talks to resolve their concerns, PM Modi also urged farmers to call off their agitation.

“We are ready for talks and I am inviting you from this House. MSP tha, MSP hai aur MSP rahega (Minimum Support Price will remain). No one should spread misinformation,” PM Modi said.

“We need to move forward, not backward. We need to give these reforms a chance,” he added.

“Today, there are 86 per cent farmers who have less than two hectares of land. That means 12 crore farmers. Doesn’t the country have any responsibility towards these farmers?” he asked.

The Prime Minister, highlighting various schemes of his government for marginal farmers, said every government had spoken for the reforms in agriculture sector but various parties had taken a “u-turn”.

“It’s fine that you (opposition) are attacking the government on the protests but you should have also told the farmers that change is necessary for development.”

Quoting former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, PM Modi said that “at least they will listen to him if not me” on reforms.

“It is our intention to remove all those handicaps which come in the way of India realizing its vast potential as one large common market. Manmohan Ji had talked about giving a free market to farmers and make India a large common market,” PM Modi said.

“You should be proud – Manmohan Singh talked about it but Modi is having to do it,” he said.

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