“UN Should Be Dissolved Like Its Predecessor League Of Nations”: Dr Mathai

Dr Mathai stressed it was pathetic that the fiasco in Afghanistan is taking place under the watch of the United Nations.

Dr Abraham Mathai, the Chairman of Harmony Foundation & former Vice-Chairman of Minorities Commission, has questioned the international community that whether after Taliban, we should expect the legitimizing of Al Qaida and ISIS too.

Dr Mathai stressed it was pathetic that the fiasco in Afghanistan is taking place under the watch of the United Nations. “With all its resources and capacities why should the worldwide organization watch helplessly as the Taliban takes over? Has the UN become toothless and spineless only reduced to a bureaucratic organization only confined to New York and Geneva?” he asked.

“This begs for the question whether the UN should be dissolved like its predecessor the League of Nations. The situation in Afghanistan has terribly deteriorated as the place has fallen into the abyss of endless chaos and turmoil.”

“What explanation does Mr. Gutteres have for the rest of the world as the terrorist outfit takesover the polity under his watch as the chief executive of UN? Should it be construed that his inability to anticipate and intervene timely is what is responsible for the take over by the Taliban or does the Taliban have his tacit support? The international community deserves an explanation rather than shedding crocodile tears like random press releases decrying the situation. Besides the United Nations what should be expected of the United States as the leader of global democracy? Didn’t the US anticipate this eventuality? It seems like their withdrawal was a greenlight signal for this debaucherous outfit to advance and takeover. Should it be inferred that the US also has tacitly recognised the Taliban? If that’s the implication then the same should be extended to other anarchic and diabolical outfits like Al Qaeda and ISIS. Equally shocking is the eerie silence and indifference of the Muslim community worldwide including India to this spine chilling unfolding episode,” Dr Mathai said.

Dr Mathai also highlighted the failure of the Afghanistan government led by Ashraf Ghani in withstanding the Taliban onslaught. “On the other end of the spectrum however, the two decades spent by the US forces should have thoroughly prepared the Afghan military to withstand the Taliban onslaught and even repel their invasion and eventual takeover as they have the strength that is five times that of the Taliban.The government of Afghanistan too can’t be absolved from blame as they overwhelmingly shoulder the burden of irresponsible governance and should be held responsible for neglect of rural development which enabled the Taliban to gain ground amongst the rural uneducated population.It also begs for question as to why the Afghan armed forces weren’t able to decimate the Taliban considering that they were well equipped with advanced weapons and superior reconnaissance equipment to flash them out of their hideouts !! It can be confidently be concluded that the US investment in Afghanistan has been a colossal waste of resources by the fact that the Taliban were able to march in and take over without facing any kind of formidable military resistance,” he said.

As the leader of global democracy the US should ensure that governments upholding human rights and civil liberties be established all over the world, he advised.

“If the UN cannot be wound up then its high time the UN is restructured to reflect the current and present day geopolitical realities. The security council especially is out of step and should be overhauled to ensure the equal balance of power among the nations. The realities under which the security council was established reflected the post world war two scenario of the victors dictating terms to the losers. Hence it is functioning like the sanhedrin who are self appointed to veto the opinion of the majority. For the UN to function effectively in today’s world the veto power system has to be democratized to reflect international opinion unlike the 5 permanent members vetoing the opinion of the majority,” the former Vice Chairman of the Minorities Commission said.

“The UN should ensure sanctions alongwith the arms embargo on Afghanistan till the Taliban capitulates from furthering their inhumane and barbaric acts.Contrary to media reports from certain quarters that Taliban has brought liberation to the citizens we have all seen footages of massive exodus of people fleeing across the borders including the Kabul airport,” he noted.

The picture of people hanging desperately on aircraft wheels and falling to their deaths after take off is indication of how the rule of Taliban is dreaded by the citizens, Dr Mathai added.

“All that we can do now for the traumatized citizens of Afghanistan is to helplessly sympathize with them and pray that goods sense prevails with the UN, the USA and the other powerful countries who can still intervene and help the situation,” he said.

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