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WHO Asks Countries To Stop The Use of Remdesivir In Treatment of COVID-19 Patients

In a statement released on Thursday, the WHO said that its Guideline Committee recommends the use of Remdesivir should be discontinued in hospitals.


Geneva| So far, more than 5.72 crore people worldwide have been infected with Covid-19. Of these, 3.96 crore people have been recovered, while 13.64 lakh people have lost their lives. Now there are 1.61 crore patients who are undergoing treatment, i.e active cases. These figures are according to www.worldometers.info/coronavirus.

Meanwhile, in a big announcement, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that countries across the world whose hospitals are using Remdesivir injections to treat the infected patients should stop it immediately. According to Global health agency, there is no evidence that this drug is helpful in the treatment of Coronavirus.

Remdesivir used in Trump’s treatment

According to a report by ‘The Guardian’, when US President Donald Trump was infected during the election campaign last month, Remdesivir was used in his treatment. Now,  the WHO is suggesting a ban on its use. In a statement released on Thursday, the WHO said – “Our Guideline Committee recommends that if Remdesivir is being used in hospitals, it should be discontinued. We have not found any evidence that it is effective in treating covid patients.” The WHO’s advice may surprise many since medical scientists of many countries have advocated its use.

1 million people vaccinated in China

Chinese President Xi Jinping has appealed to all countries of the world to cooperate on the Coronavirus vaccine. Meanwhile, it is reported that China has so far introduced ‘Sinopharm’ vaccine to about 1 million people of its country. Chinese government officials while avoiding to provide much detail to the media, have confirmed the news of the vaccine.

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Country’s premier Xi Jinping attended the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting on Thursday. He said that to tackle the virus, it is most important that all the countries should work together on vaccines and medicines. He also said by blaming each other about this, the danger will increase rather than decreasing.

US CDC Ask People To Not Travel on Thanksgiving Day

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US appealed to the citizens of the country to refrain from travelling on Thanksgiving Day. CDC director Dr Henry Wake said, “The more we travel, the faster the danger of the pandemic will spread and it is dangerous for everyone. However, if you want to travel then follow every guideline that we have issued. We know that everyone wants to enjoy holidays, but some dangers cannot be ignored under any circumstances.”

It is believed that the CDC may release some new guidelines late tonight.

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