“Seems Unfair At First, But Later Helping The Nation”: PM Modi Amid Agnipath Scheme

New Delhi: As protests over the Agnipath defence recruiting strategy continue in numerous states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that while some decisions may appear to be unjust at first, they will ultimately contribute in the nation’s development.

“Several decisions look unfair at present. In time, those decisions will help in building the nation,” PM Modi said at a public address in Bengaluru.

The prime minister, however, made no direct reference to the scheme in his speech.

The government’s ‘Agnipath’ scheme, which was introduced on Tuesday, intends to recruit men and women aged 17 and a half to 21 into the armed forces for a four-year stint.

Hundreds of potential recruits have protested the shortened term, which has angered the BJP.



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